PRK – 3 Months Later

I had my three month post-PRK followup the other day. At this point, I was able to read the 20/15 lines with each eye individually. Sweet!

However, the right eye is still slightly behind, but it seems to be catching up. When I cover the left eye, I can tell the right eye is slightly out of focus and slightly ghosted. I attribute this to the right eye being drier on average, and the doctor agreed. He said that it should clear up in the months following, and scheduled to see me again in three months.

While I was at the office, the doc gave me an eye exam with the normal lens-flipping machine. I was kinda surprised when he said that my vision was best without any lenses. I know that’s what I was going for with this whole surgery thing, but it’s something else when he pulls them machine away and says my eyes are good enough that lenses can’t make it any better.

I still get halos and slight starbursts at night that are worse when my eyes are dry, but they’ve decreased in the last month.

I’ve weened myself from constantly using eyedrops, but I still put them in every three or four hours. They’re especially dry when I first wake up, and usually put in the drops first thing in the morning.

I’m really happy with my vision today. I was finally able to out-read my girlfriend when looking at a chalkboard menu across the room at a restaurant the other day. I’m excited for the next couple months to see the right eye catch up and the halos and starbursts disappear.


~ by nogodsallowed on February 18, 2008.

20 Responses to “PRK – 3 Months Later”

  1. Glad to hear the good news! It’s great to hear that you are happy with your surgery and that the doctor expects continued improvement. Very cool, indeed….

  2. Hi! I found your blog from Annmarie’s and have enjoyed reading it. I just wanted to let you know that anytime you would like to see someone speaking in tounges you are more then welcome to come over to my house, and hear my hubby…..for a small fee that is….you know us evangelical Christians are only after money. hehehehehe Have a great day 🙂

  3. Where have you been. You taught me so mudh. I thought you were the bitter and angry one. Somehow you made me see how I was. I was fervently praying for you for a while. Did it make a difference? My heart has been crushed for you. I know I’m not old enough to be your mom; but I have a son that is very bright and I don’t know what I would do for him if he took your path. I hope all my comments haven’t ticked you off. I just feel it is so crucial that you get back to Jesus before you lead some other poor folks, that aren’t as bright as you, away. Where are you? In Christ, Cynthia

  4. I am really glad that PRK worked out for you. It always good to hear good testimonials about Laser Vision Correction. Your surgery will pay for itself in the fact that you won’t have to buy glasses or contacts

  5. How are you doing today…I guess it’s about 9 months since your surgery? I just scheduled PRK and I’m really nervous! Any update you can give would be fantastic!
    Thanks and I hope your right eye has finally caught up:)

  6. You have given me hope. I had prk seventeen days ago, after beiing greatly nearsighted all my life. Right now my vision is terrible. I went back to my highly regarded doctor two days ago almost in tears, as a coworker had prk and his recovery was much quicker. My doctor told me my eyes were dry, and to use Restasis every hour, along with my pred mild three times a day. I wake up every day expecting a big difference, but see none. You have given me a glimmer of hope.

  7. Thank you so much for your blog. I had PRK surgery 2 weeks ago and can’t see very well. I use a magnifin glass for everything. I was afraid that maybe the surgery didn’t work or that they did a wrong prescription for me. After reading your blog, you have given me hope that it is a very slow process and that I just need to be patient. I am glad you are happy with your surgery and I hope to be as happy soon. Thanks again. Jane

  8. I had PRK done last reading your blog has helped me come to the realization that everything takes time…i am happy that it worked well for you…hoping the same for me..

  9. I had PRK done 1/21, so just passed the 4 week mark. It seems that I’m tracking similar as you did, 60% of optimal, and am hoping for the same results in time. I am shocked at how long the recovery is for PRK, vs LASIK. The doctors should inform better, and I should have looked up PRK, instead of LASIK – huge difference. THANKS for the blog.

  10. Very nicely put together progress journal. I had my PRK about 2.5 months ago but in a higher risk group of night vision issue due to large pupil size (8mm) but low myopia (-1.75 & -1.5D) with under -1.0D astigmatism. I think all PRK comrads should share their pre-op prescription readings for better comparison.
    Anyway, I now see (I have a snellen chart in my office) about 2/20 to 2/15 but when my eyes dilated (at night), the bright light sources (head light, break light, traffic light) cause some what of smudged/smeared look with ghosting. It got slightly better over past 2 months but it’s bothersome and getting worried (specially due to my large pupil size).

    I’m very interested know how you’re doing past the 3 months mark.

  11. Thank you for this blog!!! I am going nuts at home recovering from my PRK from July 2nd. I feel like when reading your early posts that I was writing them. I do not feel that I can even drive yet which is not good. I am a teacher (high school band director) and I have to be at school next week starting camps and then on until school begins. Your blog gives me some hope. Thank you!

  12. I loved reading your blog. It is absolutely GREAT. I had PRK enhancement yesterday. I had Lasik 10 years ago, and even after a Lasik enhancement a few months later, my one eye was never exactly perfect. I did have an astigmatism which wasn’t correctable back then. I’m at the same place for my PRK. 36 hours POST OP, I’m doing well. No pain, no irritation. Just going to have to see what the next days bring me. Hopefully in the end if I ended up with 20/20 or something close, I’d be thrilled.

    Once again, thanks for your very impressive posts !!

  13. Thanks, this blog and your responses help a lot. I had PRK 3 weeks ago and my vision is still blurry. The strange thing for me is when I wake up in the morning my distance vision is perfect and as the day goes on it gets worse. I am also at that age where I need reading glasses. So when my distance is good I need reading glasses and when my distance gets blurry, I can read w/o glasses. I never thought I would be so happy that I to use reading glasses. Anyway, this blog has made me feel more optimistic and that I just need to be more patient. I am now going to try to relax and not worry about it. I am also going try and stop testing my vision several times a day. Thanks again.

    • I appreciate Donna’s reply and your blog. I’m on day 18 after PRK with punctal plugs in my lower tear ducts. I had my surgery during a drought here in WNY with temps in the 90’s. It’s been a struggle keeping moist even with the plugs. I’ve experienced everything you guys have posted included Donna’s observation about vision being great in the morning and worsening as the day progresses. I find that I see better before I put the steroid drops in in the a.m., but I will stick with the protocol. I’m an English teacher and found that not being able to read for the first two weeks was a humbling experience. I was able to tear up in church thinking about Jesus healing the blind man – instantaneous eyesight (wow) and seeing our Lord’s face – what an ultimate combo. I’m thankful for the lessons I’ve learned and the new appreciation I have for my eyesight over and above what I realized before. Thank you, posters for your encouragement and stamina!

  14. I am going for prk surgery on september 15 does anybody know any foods or drinks that will speed up the healing process?

  15. Thank you for your blog; I’m going to probably do PRK next month.

  16. Hey I’m glad I found your blog. I got PRK done on Friday so it’s been 4 days. It’s almost inpossible to see the screen at 400% size. I’m a coding student and an avid gamer so it’s been hard not being on my screens at all. The doctor told me that by today I should have perfect vision so I was dissapointed when I woke up this morning and only a slight improvement. I didn’t plan on taking any more time off since I’ve got my coding project presentation tomorrow and the semester ending in a week. Need to be up to full strength for that. After reading your blog I wish someome would have told me ahead of time about how long it can take. I’m also doing a martial arts tournement on Saturday so sucks that I can’t see much. Anyway thanks for the great info and I hope your vision is where you want it. I’m going out of my mind of boredom but at least I know now it’s not as fast as I had hoped.

  17. It’s been 1 year since my PRK. My vision is 20/15. Be patient, it takes time (which I wish the Dr’s would tell you). I am extremely happy with my decision to have this surgery, I only wish I did it sooner (in my 30’s or 40’s), when I didn’t need to use reading glasses.

  18. Thanks for your 3 month report. My vision is getting better too.

    Why is the person who writes the anti-Christian posts so angry, so hurt? He/She seems to be lashing out. I keep this person in prayer because in my world view those who are adamant about rejecting good news and love, need it the most. I hope you find Peace and Joy.

    Again, thanks so much for starting the PRK thread. It’s been so reassuring to me?

  19. Great PRIK post, just had mine a week ago and your post really encouraged me as am actually a bit better than your first week, but still having issues on the computer all day (best worse as the day progresses).

    I’m dying to know exactly how long it took you before you had perfect no halo, starbursts, dry eyes, degradation after a few hours on the computer etc.) whatsoever?


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