PRK – 8 Weeks Later

Eight weeks have passed since having my eyes peeled and zapped. I would say that the left eye is pretty damn close to the acuity I had with glasses/contacts. All ghosting and double vision has retreated from the left. It has slowly improved since three weeks ago from pretty good, to pretty damn good.

The right eye still exhibits a minor amount of ghosting and not being able to quite focus past that blurriness. It’s a little frustrating that it isn’t caught up to the left eye, and it seems to have lost its position as the dominant eye for the time being. I have a feeling that it will heal fully, but it’s just taking longer. I attribute this to the fact that it is drier on average than the left eye.

When I use both eyes together, I forget about the fact that the right eye isn’t quite caught up, even though they don’t quite focus together. I have no trouble reading books or computer screens anymore and go through most of the day not even thinking about my eyes. I am still using the preservative free drops several times throughout the day, but in a much smaller quantity than I did a few weeks ago. That’s a relief. Those things are expensive.

At nighttime, there is still a significant amount of halos and starbursts accompanying external lights. It actually feels like it has increased since three weeks ago, but I think that’s only because everything else has gotten so much better. I don’t think it has actually worsened.

They say on average, it takes a good three months to realize the full benefits from PRK. I’m nearly two thirds to that point. Here’s what I hope to achieve in the next month:

  • Zero ghosting in my right eye
  • A return to the normal focusing ability of the right eye
  • A return to the dominance of the right eye (not because it’s better, just because I’ll know it’s normal again)
  • A balanced focusing ability when using both eyes
  • Less dry-eye feeling
  • Reduced starbursts and halos at night

I am happy with the PRK surgery and recovery so far. I would recommend it to those who can’t do LASIK or don’t want the flap complications, but you have to appreciate the fact that the recovery will take a while.

I’ll update this blog again when I hit the three month mark, unless there’s a drastic change between now and then.


~ by nogodsallowed on January 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “PRK – 8 Weeks Later”

  1. Well, it’s close to the 3 month marker… hope things are going well with the eyes. Have you continued to improve? I’ll check back in a few days to see if you have posted an update. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and remembered that the 3 month anniversery was approaching. Here’s to continued and perfect healing!

  2. I am at my 6 week point and about the same as you are now, at my one month follow up, L :20/20 R :20/30, that was 2 weeks ago, I feel the left eye now is better (20/15ish), although slight ghosting remains. The right eye is about as you described it, far worse than the left. I am glad I have your blog to read as it give realization that I am experiencing the same healing as others!

  3. Thank you for your blog. I am only 2 weeks out and was so scared that the surgery didn’t work that I haven’t been sleeping. It’s 3am and I was looking to see if anyone was experiencing the same “ghosting/focusing” issues that I was and you put it into words perfectly. I think I’ll be able to back to sleep now.

  4. Thanks also, I have my 1 month check next week and have been through an almost identical experience. I thought it was just me having problems and it was becoming a big concern that something had gone wrong.

  5. Thanks also! I’m 2 weeks post surgery and have also developed ghosting. Thanks to the comments on this blog, I know this is normal and that I just have to be patient! Makes it hard to work 8 hours on a computer though. Vision was much clearer last week so I’m crossing fingers that once the swelling subsides I’ll get back to that point. Thanks again.

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