PRK – 2 Weeks Later

It is now 14 days after my PRK vision correction surgery. Improvement during this past week has been much slower than the first week. There is still a significant amount of ghosting, making reading a chore and driving somewhat questionable. I am very liberal with the preservative-free rewetting eye drops, since I’ve found that dry eyes will only perpetuate this ghosting effect.

I’ve been able to work full days in the office yesterday and today, though I’m a continued object of mockery by my coworkers when they see the huge fonts on my screen. Vision still seems best after using the rewetting drops and closing my eyes for a while. In fact, after a long nap today, my left eye was surprisingly ghost-free for a good ten minutes. The right eye was more smudgy, but still decent for awhile.

Throughout the day, the ghosting is worse in one eye than the other, and it switches throughout the day. Good, then bad, then good again. It’s frustrating at times, but I’m still optimistic. Once my vision is stable, I plan on creating a few images demonstrating what effect this has on vision while driving and reading. If you’re considering PRK and have a job where reading is involved, such as computer work, make sure you’re not in a huge busy season. I’ve heard that everyone’s recovery time is different, but it has a significant impact on work performance.

At times, I can close one eye and force myself to focus in or out with the open eye, in a way which I focus through an object, and it seems to resolve the ghosting temporarily. It allows me to see slightly clearer for a few brief seconds, but due to the effort and strain involved, is not a permanent solution. It’s more of a way to pass time or experiment, though it can clear up some smudgy text for a brief second.

What else is there to say? Tomorrow I start taking the steroid drops only twice a day, then once a day the following week, after which I’m free of the burden of Pred Forte. The improvements aren’t quite as drastic, so it’s harder to tell when something is noticeably better. Therefore, I’ll probably wait to write to this blog again unless a significant jump occurs.

I’m still in good hopes, albeit a frustrated mood during times when I have to read. Good luck to anyone else out there undergoing the same.


~ by nogodsallowed on December 4, 2007.

32 Responses to “PRK – 2 Weeks Later”

  1. How are the eyes?

  2. I am nearing my 10 days post PRK here. Have significant ghosting aas well. Post an update I would say my current eye healing is about on par with yours. Just now barely able to read the computer with huge fonts.

    Good luck with your healing.

  3. I too have had PRK and am at 2 weeks post op. It’s so scary to not be able to see well, when 2 weeks ago I was able to see adequately with glasses. People keep asking me how the vision is going, and I keep having to report “not so good”, which results in them rattling off stories of people they know that have had lasik and had instant results! I keep worrying that I will never see properly again,and wonder why I wanted to not wear glasses in the first place (although I do know why). I guess its a lot like child birth – bear with me on this – that no matter how much you read and hear, nothing really prepares you for what is to follow. I too am seeing double, and feel like if I could just put on a pair of glasses I could see properly as everything is out of focus most of the time. It seems this is ‘normal’ and I just need to be patient. I guess seeing through a clear ‘scab’ is going to be a little hazy. Then my brain will have relearn to see, adjust to certain lights, distances etc. Thanks everyone for your posts.

  4. Yvette – I’m in the same boat. I’m optimistic with a gnawing feeling of dread that I’ll have to go back to glasses/contacts.

  5. At this point I would gladly put on a pair of glasses to see clearly. I suppose when the eyes heal that will be an option if I am not happy with the final result.

    Why did I do this again?

  6. Same situation for me. I think 10 days is the point where we all start to get frustrated with this and dread the thought of glasses and contacts again. Today is my tenth day and I’m still blurry. Thanks God they only did one eye. I would be unable to function had they done both at the same time. Is there anyone out there who cleared up at the two week point? three weeks?

  7. I am at day 12, I have no problem reading with my right eye, but the left is fuzzy, my best vision is when I wake up. I drive 45 minutes to work in tha AM and see so so, I dont see starbursts which I am happy about, but the lines and signs are doubled (ghosting). But I do see crisp and clear aside from that. My biggest problem is driving home in the afternoon. The ghosting is bad, and I have a hard time judging speed of cars ahead of me. I am still being optimistic that my vision will be great. I tested 20/30 at my follow up, although the letters on the chart were ghosted.

  8. Wow! I’m really glad to come across your log, and to find it nearly two years after you posted it! This has really been helpful to me. I’m at the 2 wk mark now, and although I can see, it’s definitely a slow process. I actually went back to work on day 4, but it definitely was a struggle. I don’t work on the computer nearlly as much as you (I am a nurse). On day 5, I saw my Dr, he took out the contacts and said I could drive. I had drien to work that day against my husband’s advice, so I was relieved that the doc said it was ok! Anyway, I still have the blurriness and haziness and I am tired of people asking me if that’s normal. I know they are just concerned for me, but they all think it’s nearly instantaneous and compare it to Lasik. Oh well, I just keep looking to the day that I can finally focus and hope that I didn’t do this all in vain. I had a horrible astigmatism before, so even if I have to wear soft contacts in the end it will actually be an improvement over the gas permeable ones I wore before. But I hope to go contact and glasses free! Thanks again for the log and the fresh hope!

  9. So glad to read everyone else’s comments – I am currently at day 10 after PRK. I can barely read my laptop screen and am totally terrified that this may be as good as it gets. I am going back to work tomorrow which will be interesting – as I really will not be able to read emails/documents or anything more than 5 min at a time. Really hope things improve from here!

  10. I’m still scared. It is now 4 weeks after my PRK and I see double out of both eyes. I bought a pair of reading glasses to magnify things, which essentially means I see larger double images, but at least I can then make some things out. I’m not so concerned about glasses, as the person above said, I’d gladly opt for glasses if it would allow me to see clearly, again. I’m cynical about my doctor saying ‘it just takes time’. Although it was suggested that recovery might take a while, all the literature they give you suggests you can go back to work after a week, or so. No mention that you can’t ACTUALLY work because you can’t see. I don’t know what to do. And drop expenses are going through the roof.

    It’s extremely frustrating, angering. At least before I could put on glasses and see.

    I hope everyone else has a better experience. I’m not in favour of this, at all.

    Oh, and please excuse any spelling mistakes, can’t really see if I’m making any or not.

  11. Glad to see I’m not the only one with this “ghosting” issue. I’m going through the Refresh drops like no tomorrow as I can see quite clearly after putting them in. I know recovery time is different for everyone so I’m not stressed about it…yet. I had my surgery April 9th and with the bandage contacts in, I could see clearer then I’m seeing now. I have the ghosting in my left eye only and some blurriness still in both. Makes looking at a computer screen very difficult. Hard considering I’m a photographer and this makes editing very very hard. Thank goodness I don’t have any work to do right now!!!

  12. Well, it has now been 3.5 months since my PRK. I can see – sort of. I have double vision in both eyes. The Dr. says I see 20/20 – but that’s because I have learned to ignore the double vision. He says that the double vision is because my eyes are still swollen. Certainly, big things like road signs are no probelem, and that’s great, but reading is difficult, still, although it is much better. Computer is still the most difficult, as it seems the backlight causes the double vision to get be at its worst. I’m still not happy – as I said before, at least before surgery I could put on my glasses and see clearly. No mention of correction, yet, because I’m still swollen. Of course, it will be a long, long time before I go through any PRK again.

  13. Great Blog.
    I am on day 17 from my PRK. I had one great day about 5 days after my surgery… I could read ALL the little print on the menu. that was the only good day so far. similar to you i had alot of double vision, mornings are better then afternoons/evenings. I have been following this blog and i guess i just have to be patient. I hope there are some good changes soon. Thanks for the blog!

  14. I am freaking out! I had my surgery on both eyes on 12/14 so I am at day 12. I had about 3 weeks off from my MBA program that includes a TON of reading and I work on a computer all day reading architectural specs and drawings. I don’t know what I was thinking! I have 10 days before my courses start up again and I can’t even come close to being able to read a text book. The doctor said my vision would be so-so but I kind of feel like I was misled to a certain extent. I new my vision wouldn’t be perfect right away but I am seeing double out of both eyes. My left eye is more blurry than my right. I usually have about 10 minutes of pretty good vision in the a.m. right after waking up but then it goes pretty quickly after that. My right eye comes and goes and my left just stays blurry. To say I’m scared and second guessing this whole thing would be an understatement. I actually had pretty good vision in the right eye for about 5 days after the surgery but then it went. I am pretty much sitting around wearing sunglasses because my eye muscles just feel sore. This sucks. I didn’t want to be a drag over Christmas so I tried to shrug it off while people asked questions but on the inside I’m really freaked.

  15. Visited the doctors today he said I have island healing on my eyes…said he hadn’t seen it in ten years but not to be worried the chances he would have to go back in are only 10%…ughhh ooookaaay….Has anyone heard of this type of healing? He said it used to be much more common with wide range lasers but not the newer narrow beam lasers that he used on me. I can’t remember the exact type of lasers he described. He put contact lens bandages with a minor prescription back in my eye and also put a light prescription into my glass frames while I waited. He reduced my Pred Forte from 4 times a day to two and gave me a prescription for Alphagan P. Any feedback would be appreciated since I am freaking out. The fact that he cut my lenses while I waited at no charge is kind of making me think there might be a problem….

  16. Today is day 13 for me and I have experienced very little imrovement in the last week. My left eye is considerably worse than the right eye. There has been no improvement in the left eye this past week and the right eye has shown slow but gradual improvement. I was told that the left eye will eventually catch up with the right, but I’m frustrated and becoming skeptical. I have constant ghost vision due to the inconsistentcy.

    I’m really glad there are other posts because I have beeng going back and forth between worrying and trying not to completely freak out. Not sure about everyone else but I received very little information from my surgeon & optometrist regarding the effects and healing process of PRK.

  17. Today is day 13 for me and I have experienced very little imrovement in the last week. My left eye is considerably worse than the right eye. There has been no improvement in the left eye this past week and the right eye has shown slow but gradual improvement. I was told that the left eye will eventually catch up with the right, but I’m frustrated and becoming skeptical. I have constant ghosting effect due to the inconsistentcy.

    I’m really glad there are other posts because I have beeng going back and forth between worrying and trying not to completely freak out. Not sure about everyone else but I received very little information from my surgeon & optometrist regarding the effects and healing process of PRK.

    • Hi,

      I am in the same boat as you on 5/13/2011 (day 14th after PRK) with blurryness and ghosting in the left eye,my right eye is like a hawk i can read anything. what the status of your left eye ? how long did it took you before it got healed ? I am using Lotemax and Refresh. Doctor prescribe me Restatsis as i work on the computer whole day.

      please help thanks.

    • Hi Katrina

      It’s my 14th day after PRK. My right eye is like a hawk. But left eye is very blurry , ghosty and vision is not great. How much time it took you to clear your vision ?


      • Day 48 I was pushing 20/20, but it still came and went for a while. What’s funny is now 3 months later my left eye is actually slightly better than my right. MY vision is now easily 20/20. Sometimes I have a little difficulty reading after a long day on a computer. The halos I was seeing at night time have gone away for the most part. It took time and I actually just noticed the other night that they were pretty much gone. Seriously don’t worry your eyes will be fine. For the first month I swore I had made a mistake in getting the procedure. Now that I have had time to let it heal it’s something I would do all over again. If your having a really hard time like I did push your doctor give you a temporary set of lenses for your glasses. I’m assuming you have existing frames. My doctor didn’t charge me for the lenses. He changed them twice as my prescription changed during healing.

      • Hi Manish,

        I stopped checking this website for a while so I wasn’t aware of your responses. I am assuming everything is well for you. It took about a whole month before I was able to see almost normally. Then my eyes gradually healed and I am loving it. I have no regrets about getting the surgery and love having 20/20 vision. I hope the same is for you. Or perhaps you are one of the lucky people with 20/15 or even 20/10? It was quite an experience but definitely worth it.

  18. Ok well I’m now at day 40. I figured I’d post because I know how freaked out you must be (I was). Shortly after Day 13 my doctor put bandage contacts back in and gave me a mild glasses prescription so that I could function at work. I wore those for about 1 week, got them taken out and my glasses prescription adjusted again. I have been using my glasses since but I have been becoming less dependent on them. Right now I am typing without them. I was actually 20/20 in my right eye and 20/40 in my left last week. I believe my left has gotten better since then. I did notice right after my lenses got taken out my night vision got way worse but has been slowly improving ever since. It’s still not where I want it to be but I’m definitely A LOT happier now. Hang in there it gets better.

  19. Okay so today is 2-3-11. That would be day 48. I’m just about 20/20 in each eye, sometime pushing 20/15. The night vision is still a little sketchy but continues to get better slowly. The day vision isn’t always perfect but continues to get better. There are better days than others. I’m still on the steroid eye drops. Holy smokes this has been one loooooong healing period. Thank god I had a doctor who saw me weekly throughout this whole thing or I would have completely freaked out!

  20. Day 51 – 2-6-11: Kind of a crappy day for the eyes. Kind of sensitive to light a bit. And the left eye is a little blurrier than it has been. Same yesterday.

  21. Thank you for this blog. I had the PRK procedure a week & a half ago and there are times when I hate myself for doing it. My right eye is great. Had about a half day of discomfort, am seeing great out of it. My left eye on the other hand is a blurry, hazy mess. Actually had some swelling the weekend after; whole eye turned red causing the lense to become too tight-which set back the healing process. Last Monday, another lense was put on, then taken off the following day-vision got a bit better. Went back that Thursday-was seeing 20/30 on the right and a 20/60 on the left. Big difference. I go back this Thursday. Like many of you, after using rewetting drops, vision seems to clear up for a bit-feel like I’ve been bathing in it. Have not been back to work yet-there is no way I can stare at a cash register for 9 hours with this vision.

  22. I am on day 33 with PRK. My near eye cannot see to read but at a distance it is about 20/40. My distance eye is blurry, double vision and something worse than 20/200. They seem to have stabilized. Beginning to think I made a big mistake. Due back to the Dr. on day 38. We will see.


  23. Hi All

    I am in day 14 of my prk. i can see everything and drive. My right eye is very sharp and crisp i can see things distance and near by. But my left eye is a mess its blurry , ghosty etc. I called the doctor and they suggest me wait left eye will take time to heal. I Cant wait for the day when my left eye is like right.

    Did anyone had the same issue and how long it took them to have clear vision in both eyes ? please help.

  24. please help. left eye blurryness 14 days after prk.

  25. hello everyone
    well this is my 3rd year now of my origninal lasik surgery. To bring you up to date i had lasik on both eyes in Dec 2008. Long recovery and am wearing glases still to read and some distance.Then I got cataracts I was only 48!!! Then they had to do a PRK on the eyes because of the new lens. Dr. said cararcts not caused by lasik. My eyes were so dry they were like the sahara dessert which caused ghosting/ double vision/ pain/ headaches /ight sensitivity you name it. Driving home from work each day was like russian roulette….lets hope this is the line as I was always seeing double. I just had PRK again this past week as it took a year for my cornea to heal …..and guess what the consent form says it may cause cataracts well who would guess!!! I work on a computer all day and read gauges of numbers with small print. Dr. says like the rest of you yep go back to work but I am completely useless and after looking at the computer try getting up and walking. YOu almost feel drunk as your balance is off trying to focus. I have walked into cabinets/ doors / sliped off the curb as my depth perception and distance is really affected. The writer who said about distance following cars….boy do i get that. YOU stay far enough behind and then some jerk passes and slips in front of you. I am A NERVOUS WRECK BY THE TIME i GET HOME….
    Well this time I told the Dr i am not returning to work until my vision if “functional” to the point that I can do my job
    I think the reason why the DR’s want you back to work so fast is that if people knew they would be off work for up to 3 months they would think twice about getting it done. Since this is not covered you pay cash and how many people would pay that and knowing ahead of time you would be off work for long periods. Boy that would affect their sales i would think!!!. I think this should be discussed THOROUGHLY with the patient as I was truely mislead.
    I am taking restasis now and I do find this works and the DR. also put plugs in my tear ducts …to prevent drying. I find it works the best and have tried every eye solution available. Restasis is covered by green shield if your Dr. approves so if you have it check it out. I see the Dr. tomorrow day 12 and i am still not driving and must wear sunglasses constanly. Hope all works for th rest of you…..ttys

  26. Hi
    Strange but i did not have any of the complications like most of you mentioned. And i recover twice as fast as this blog mentioned. I am now in day 6, lens was already taken off 3 days ago, and vision is better than 20/40.
    Hope you will have a similar progress

  27. It was quite an experience for sure. My right eye is fantastic from day 1 , i saw 20/10 the first week . But the left one is getting better everyday dryness is killing me. It is 20/20 now. whats you email address, we can talk about our experience. Mail me on directly. I am sure i won’t check the site.

  28. Well here I am 9 months after surgery. There is still the occasional day when my vision has a little ghosting (very minimal). I was freaked the F out when I got my surgery done in December and thought I had made the wrong choice but now nine months later I am SO GLAD that I did it. I actually missed my most recent follow up exam because my vision was so good I just spaced it. The doctor was a little agitated because I missed the appointment but it is what it is. I would highly recommend this surgery. You can see some of my earlier postings above where I was absolutely freaked. It’s so nice to be able to wake up at night and see or play sports without the worry of a contact falling out. I say do it but be prepared for a LONG healing period with many ups and downs which can be an emotional roller coaster at times.

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