PRK Day 7

It’s been a week! This is a major accomplishment in the life of my new eyes. Today I got the bandage contacts out and was told my eyes were healing perfectly. Still, that doesn’t mean my vision has stabilized yet, in fact it is anything but perfect.

My vision actually worsened a little after the bandage contacts were out, and my eyes have felt rather dry and scratchy all day. I’ve heard that other people have had this experience of worsening vision without the contacts, so it seems to be a natural occurrence.

I’ve noticed that the quality of vision is best after resting my eyes for a while or using the rewetting drops, but that they degrade after some time of usage. Reading is still blurry and harder now since my left eye seems to be experiencing bouts of double vision.

I actually drove today, and went out on the road to the store. It wasn’t so much blurry as it was somehow smudgy. My adventure took place after resting my eyes for a while, and I noticed that at first driving was clear and natural, but after a while the smudges became bigger. With a sense of accomplishment, I came back home having taken one step closer to independence. It seems the only things that I’ve been looking forward to in the past weeks have been the every-four-hour marks so I can put in another round of prescribed eye drops. That has been my life for the past week.

That, and reading the entire set of audiobooks for the His Dark Materials trilogy (that’s the trilogy starting with The Golden Compass). I’m just about finished and will probably write another blog on that topic entirely. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the series. It was a great read and an excellent counterbalance to the jesus-loving Chronicle of Narnia books, for, as you may know, the core intent of the main characters in this series is to kill god. I hope I don’t spoil anything by saying that in the end, goodness prevails.

But back to the eyes. I think I might try to drive to work tomorrow if my vision isn’t too doubled or smudged. It will be a welcome task although it will probably only be for a  few hours of squinting at a computer screen.


~ by nogodsallowed on November 27, 2007.

11 Responses to “PRK Day 7”

  1. Wow! Glad to see you’re good enough to get on the road!! Just out of curiosity.. how bad were your eyes before surgery?

  2. Before the surgery, my eyes were -4.50. Good enough to see only a few inches from my face before the blurriness set in.

  3. His Dark Materials was a brilliant trilogy – I truly, TRULY enjoyed the read!
    I was advised by the surgeon to go with PRK (as opposed to the usual Laser surgery)…I’m a tad worried about the recovery time but do realize it will all be worth it in the end. I enjoyed ur “journal” on the topic. Thanks and hope ur peepers are doing great these days! Nicole (Montreal, Canada)

  4. I am at week one since PRK myself. My eyes were -12 and -11.5 so unfortunately I think I have a long road ahead. I’m at work today, but really can only see (and I use that term loosely) out of my right eye.

  5. I had PRK a week ago. The other patients who underwent the procedure on the same day are reporting crystal clear vision. This worried me as mine is still blurry. Your post is reassuring. Thanks. On the book note, I found the Lewis books to be much better written. As an atheist, I don’t care if they kill God or not. I think the GC trilogy got a lot of attention for what it said but it wasn’t said well. Lewis writes in an captivating and imaginative fashion, whatever beliefs he is pushing.

  6. I’m close to four weeks now but I remember from days 3 to 6 being unable to sleep for three nights. I had just come off three days of meds (Ativan 1mg every 4hrs) after the op. When I did sleep it was fitful and I had very bad nightmares. It took a week for my head to clear and my concentration to come back. On the plus side, with the Ativan, I can’t remember the op or the first three days.

  7. After reading your blog I was quite scared, but I’ve had much better results.

    I had my surgery this past Monday, at about 4:00pm (3/14/2011) and I had no pain whatsoever, only mild scratchy-ness at different parts of the day on Wednesday (3/16/2011).

    I was blurry until about 7pm Friday evening (3/18/2011), and at that point my vision my almost perfect, Saturday morning I could see clear as day, I felt like I have been upgrade to HD vision! My vision continued to be perfect throughout the weekend, and now its Monday (3/21/2011) I’m back at work, my resolution on my work PC is set back to 1280/1024, which I can see perfectly without having to lean forward at all.

    Also note, that I went with a doctor that was recommended by two others, and also charged me about 4,700 for the procedure. The laser he used was top of the line equipment which was well maintained, so maybe this had something to do with it.

    To know that my vision might even get better, is unbelievable, I’m very happy where I am right now and I cannot wait for my appointment tomorrow to see what my vision number comes back as.

    • Jeff, what was your beginning prescription and how is your vision now? I am scheduled for PRK on 4/21/11. I am very nervous about the recovery, but the Dr. says with surgery on Thursday morning, I should be back to work on Monday. That seems awfully fast to me compared to what I’ve been reading online.

      • I was near sighted. I don’t know what my vision, but my contacts were -3.25 in both eyes. What happens is the Epithelium layer is removed, and that is what causes the blurriness. It takes about 5 days for that layer to grow back, it actually grows back from left to right sides of your eyes, towards the center of your eye, and closes up like a cats eye. After 4 days my doctor told me that it was almost fully closed.

        He also said I was a “super healer” because I healed very fast.

        Don’t be nervous! This was the greatest thing I have ever done in my life!

        My vision is 20/20 right now, but supposedly after 6 months, there is a chance for it to improve further. 20/15 would be nice, but I am more than happy with 20/20.

  8. Thank you very much for writing this blog! It’s been a week since I’ve had my surgery (as I squint at a blurry computer screen). I started to question if what I was going through was normal or not. So I went online to search for some answers and I came across this. I seem to be healing at the same rate as you so far. But it’s very encouraging and informative to read your comments, as well as other peoples comments. I was also glad to hear that PRK, even with a longer and more frustrating recovery time, was a better choice than LASIK. Thank you again for writing this!

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