PRK Day 4

It is now the beginning of day four after the PRK surgery. Both eyes are now worse than the night before in vision acuteness. Everything is blurry again, up close and far away. The left seems a little clearer but not by much. There isn’t really much pain besides the annoying feeling that there’s something in the eye at different times.


~ by nogodsallowed on November 24, 2007.

One Response to “PRK Day 4”

  1. I’m on day 4 of recovery and am grateful for your blog with a black background and white font! Like you, I’ve realised the majority of my job is reading/writing on the computer, and as I attempt to work from home, I’m only managing short periods with the resolution at 800×600 and my face pressed to the screen. Sadly, I even have my BB at the largest font. When did you find that you could start working normally? BTW: I was a little disappointed by the Golden Compass series…

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