PRK Day 3

It’s been three days since my PRK surgery. I wasn’t able to write anything yesterday due to the amount of pain and light sensitivity. It was prety rough. I had all the blinds drawn and all the lights out, but that was still too bright.

They said at the eye place that day 2 was going to be the worst, and so far they were right. What I don’t really understand is why they didn’t give anything for the pain besides saying that tylenol and advil would work. I’ve read other blogs where people would either get some sort of pills or eye drop to deal with the pain, but these guys kept saying that over the counter drugs would be fine. Well, I made it, though it was pretty painful.

Today is the thrid day, and it is remarkably better. I can open my eyes and deal with light to an extent. However, my eyes are getting tired from all the light and I think I’ll go lay down again for a while. This morning, the pain is more directed towards a scratched-eye sensation, rather than the burning of yesterday.

My vision is very blurry, much like looking through a few sheets of saran wrap. I can barely read anything on this monitor, even with the resolution and font sizes at their fattest. Getting closer to the screen ndoesn’t really help, and I’m probably mimsspleling a ton of words. I wholeheartedly apologize for that 🙂

This blurriness is expected for this day. My vision is worse than the first day, but they said it would happen. The reason it gets progressively worse and better is due to the fluctuations of the outer cornea growing back. It’s the same with the pain, som times it’s fine in both eyes, then one or the other eye will burn for a while, off and on.

Well, I’m gonna go lay down for a while and listen to an audiobook They said yesterday and today would be the worst for pain, ,and I made it through yesterday and today seems much better. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I can’t wait to see again!


~ by nogodsallowed on November 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “PRK Day 3”

  1. yikes.. sounds tough. Thanks for the updates!

  2. I just had three days ago. Day two was definitely the worst when it came too pain, eventually I caved and took the 2 T3’s they’d given me. No pain today, but still can’t see proprluy. Mildly concerend. Hoaven’t tried to read the rest of your blog yet how long did it take before this blurriness clered up?

  3. Wow. Old blog. Yet quite relevant to me. Thanks so much for putting it up. As it appears you haven’t posted in quite some time, I hope things are going better for you in all areas of your life.
    I had PRK done on R eye (previously had RK in R eye, 1989 and have suffered regression as most RK pts know about) 3 days ago.
    Eye sensitivity less than terrible day 2 (I will have to complain about lack of pain meds to Doc’s because I am scheduled for PRK in L eye in 12 days) but still present. Like a burning itch which is worst when I am at the computer. Contemplating not using computer for a week or so or extremely limiting my time on it.
    Vision in R eye at this point is worse than before PRK.
    Hoping for improvement down the road but not sure how long the road is.
    Temporary contact comes out in 2 days. Hoping epithelial regrowth is complete by then. That should mean most if not all of the pain would be gone. As far as my vision, just keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Thank you for you detailed account of your PRK. I am going in tomorrow for mine and I am a bit nervous about the recovery process. I am a teacher and school is starting in 2 weeks. I am very nervous about not being able to see faces of my students not to mention driving to work. Any tips or suggestions?

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